The Wait and The Quest for Tests!!

Well, here I am at 10 days passed my expected period date. I have taken two tests already, but unfortuantly they were both faulty tests. They were cheap, so go figure. Right? Anyway, so I did some looking around at what the best pregnancy test is. I mean, yes I have two previous babies. My olderst is soon to turn two, my youngest resulted in a miscarriage but would be one in July and tomorrow actually was my expected due date. My point is, things change drastically in the world of children. With both of my previous pregnancies I always used the First Response tests. Super accurate and I love them. For some strange reason we decided not to go with the test we knew worked already. Tried to shave the cost and save a couple bucks. For any future moms reading this, or anyone who may think they are pregnant or plan to be, stay away from the Equate (Wal Mart) brand tests. They were the false ones. Horrible. I take a new test tomorrow to confirm, and I do plan on taking another over the course of three days. Call me paranoid, but when you have a miscarriage and don't plan on another pregnancy until you're healed fully emotionally you keep testing. I remember the fear I felt once I felt the first cramp hit me with my last little one. I'm constantly afraid I will wake up with this time and find myself going through the same heart breaking tragedy again. Anyway, my estimated due date for this time is November 15th. So, yay for being pregnant or possibly in labor on your own birthday!! (November 11th for me). Fun times ahead of me.My husband and I don't plan on telling anyone in our family until we make it past the chance of miscarriage point. Then we plan on waiting another month, because April is a busy busy time for us. Lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my adventures in pregnancy this third time around and stay tuned for some amusing pregnancy thoughts and photos as well along the way.

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  1. pets

    Congratulations to you from your friend

    March 25, 2017